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โลโก้ สถาบันโพธิคยาวิชชาลัย

BodhiGayāVijjālaya 980 Institute, India

Support the propagation and protection of Buddhism.

ธรรมยาตรา 5 แผ่นดิน

Bodhigaya Dhammayatra

Bodhigaya Dhammayatra is a new history of Buddhism. which announced the strength of the countries in the Mekong River Basin by strengthening relations as relatives with the Lord Buddha the same father and the Mekong River Which has nurtured the people of all 5 countries as the same mother since the past Dr. Supachai Veeraphuchong, Managing Director of Thai Nakorn Pattana Company Limited, a pioneer in the Mekong River Basin business for more than 20 years, and also Founder , Secretary – General of BodhiGayāVijjālaya 980 Institute, India has foreseen the importance of adhering to the principles of Buddhism. By bringing the teachings of the Lord Buddha to apply in all sectors to build friendships and build peace Aims to bring about peace in the Mekong region. It is considered an important connection point from the land of Buddha landscape. to the land of the Mekong River, the land of Suvarnabhumi

With the concept of “On the occasion that ASEAN is fully launched, we see that with the opening of the AEC, we can use the Buddhist dimension to connect us. Buddhists, companies in the Mekong River region of Suvarnabhumi which will bring benefits and the main strength is that we are a group of countries that follow Buddhism together. We can find cooperation. Therefore, there is an idea to unite neighboring countries in the Mekong River Basin. jointly support Buddhism to achieve solidarity and stability with love and unity as relatives having the same Buddha father Therefore, he had a dream to see the land of the Mekong Basin glow with happiness. is the land of Suvarnabhumi as when King Ashoka the Great sent missionaries led by Phra Sona Thera and Phra Uttara Thera as the head of the group To propagate Buddhism in  Suvarnabhumi ” caused Dr. Supachai Veeraphuchong to organize the International Monk Conference up to 2 times and the last time in the International Monk Conference on the topic “Buddhish change Suvarnabhumi : Fellowship of the Land of Dharma, the Land of Gold” in Siem Reap Cambodia with requested DR.Phra Maha Phong Samaleuk, President of the Lao Buddhist Fellowship Organisation Fellowship Organization also came to attend the event. which marks the last religion of DR.Phra Maha Phong Samaleuk, quit and is an important religious activity that originated Bodhigaya Dhammayatra under the name Dhammayatra of the 5 countries Following of the Noble Monks of the Mekong Basin later on, before he was seriously ill and eventually died.

Bodhigaya Dhammayatra's timeline

Last religious activity

DR.Phra Maha Phong Samaleuk, Former President of the Lao Buddhist Fellowship Organisation gave the last policy as an advisor before he died at the age of 100 to the BodhiGayāVijjālaya 980 Institute India, by Dr. Supachai Veeraphuchong "Let's move forward and focus on to continue working in the direction of the Buddhish change Suvarnabhumi" that is, working to support and promote the Buddha's teachings to propagate and connect Buddhist relations throughout the river basin. Mekong Or another name is the land of Suvarnabhumi. To support the use of Buddhadharma to turn an unstable situation into a peaceful one. Find a common ground to help each other turn mankind from petty views to right views. Let's work together to solve problems in our region. with the teachings of the Lord Buddha at present, there are monks and disciples of the Prophet. is a leader of worshipers together to inherit Buddhism according to the Buddha's aspirations


Following of the Noble Monks of the Mekong Basin
ธรรมยาตรา ๕ แผ่นดิน ครั้งที่ ๑

BodhiGayāVijjālaya 980 Institute India, BodhiGayā Club 980, Veeraphuchong Foundation along with a network of 5 countries joining forces to organize the event The 1st Bodhigaya Dhammayatra  under the name "Dhammayatra of the 5 countries Following of the Noble Monks of the Mekong Basin" with the introduction of Buddhist companies from 5 countries, more than 200 monks/person, Dhammayatra from Ubon Ratchathani Province to the Lao People's Democratic Republic Enter the Kingdom of Cambodia to the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Republic of the Union of Myanmar and return to the Thailand. This event has tens of thousands of people coming to make merit bring joy to the Buddhists of all 5 countries thoroughly by receiving cooperation from monastic organizations, government agencies to the level of merchants Total travel time for charitable activities In temples and important places of Buddhism for 15 days, 34 locations in 5 countries, along with bringing a bud of Phra Si Maha Bodhi from Kaya India planted 15 trees to witness the creation of peace. and buddhist friendship that has been inherited from the past to the present


Buddhist Diplomacy for World Peace
ธรรมยาตรา ๕ แผ่นดิน ครั้งที่ ๒

Buddhist Diplomacy for World Peace organized to strengthen the relationship create unity with Buddhists in the Mekong Basin according to the concept of using the main "Buddhist Diplomacy for World Peace" will connect people in the Mekong Basin with the power of faith in the True Dharma of the Lord Buddha, with the expectation of happiness from the precepts and dharma of the people at all levels, which is the main practice in driving the Mekong Basin country towards peace through Buddhism. and able to penetrate deep into the way of thinking cause right perspective in life, sincerity, honesty, knowing cause and effect share generosity do not take advantage of each other tight with kinship which is true every time And no one has yet disproved the Buddha's teachings as "wrong" in one respect.

BodhiGayāVijjālaya 980 Institute India, want to see the country's leaders have Dharma based on the concept of Dr. Phra Maha Phong Samaleo, Former President of the Lao Buddhist Fellowship Organisation has said enough to conclude that "The success of being a religious person Must reach those who have the power to rule the country. Must allow those in power to understand the Dharma. If the authority does not understand the Dhamma will lead the country to failure making world peace a reality need to build fraternal relations power must be used Not using power to be fair. and administering the people with the use of Dharma as power Applying Buddhadharma to work and solve problems in all sectors Therefore, it is an important foundation for the work of the institute. And led to the organizing of the Dhamma Yatra 5 Countries, which the previous 2 events were very successful, with a huge number of Buddhists from 5 countries participating in the Dhamma Yatra. join in showing the great faith of the public and participated in the campaign to bring the principles of Buddhism into practice to bring about happiness which is an important point in stepping into a wing with peace


Great River Ganga - Mekong Basin

Great River Ganga - Mekong Basin in preparation And there is continuous progress by Dr. Supachai Veeraphuchong Secretary – General of BodhiGayāVijjālaya 980 Institute, India along with Mr. Maris Sanguanpong Director of the Buddhist Leadership Program lead the board of the institute depart for the countries that the Sect of Dhamma Yatra will travel to, especially as a liaison between the Thai government and the Indian government.

On this occasion, the Buddha's relics will be summoned along with the relics of Phra Sariputra and Phra Maha Moggallana from the National Museum of India, New Delhi, India came to enshrined for people to pay homage to Thailand. The Government of India has cooperated with the approval of the Parliament. allow to summon relics along with the relics of Phra Sariputra and Phra Maha Moggallana come to Thailand according to the wishes of the Thai government.

This relic It was excavated in 1898. at Krung Kabinphat Piprahawa, Uttar Pradesh, India. After that, the Government of India brought it to be enshrined at the National Museum, New Delhi, and had come to Thailand more than 70 years ago, that is, 1952

Dr. Supachai Weeraphuchong said "that It's a good opportunity. And it is a very auspicious time in the past 70 years for Thai Buddhists to have the opportunity to worship Lord Buddha's relics together with the relics and joined the 3rd Dhamma Yatra procession together in greatness The 4 Buddhist companies in the Mekong River Basin prepare to welcome the historic visit of the Lord Buddha's relics The relics of Phra Maha Moggallana and the relics of Phra Saributra for the prosperity of life and use the Buddha's Dharma as the basis for our lives."