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โลโก้ สถาบันโพธิคยาวิชชาลัย

BodhiGayāVijjālaya 980 Institute, India

Support the propagation and protection of Buddhism.

BodhiGayāVijjālaya 980 Institute, India

Meaning BodhiGayāVijjālaya 980 Institute, India

Bodhi means Perception or Wisdom of Enlightenment of the Lord Buddha.

Gayā means the location of the Holly Site of the Bodhi Tree under which the Lord Buddha has found enlightenment.

Vijjālaya means the educational institute where people can seek

980 mean His Majesty King Rama IX 80th Birthday Anniversary

Dissemination of Buddhist Dhamma is a forthright task inherited from the Lord Buddha to the 4 classes of Buddhist followers. Few years after his enlightenment, the Lord Buddha has preached

The work to Dissemination of Dhamma can be perhaps the most effective tool to concurrently promote global peace and stability. It has attributed a major influence on the existence of Buddhism in Asia and elsewhere for several Centuries. The keys of success for Dhamma Dissemination are contributed by the 4 classes of Buddhist followers. Those 4 classes are Buddhist monks, Buddhist nuns, preachers, churchgoer or laymen and laywomen who join forces together to offer a strong support for this task. They all have firm believe that Buddhist Dhamma can be truly learnt, realized, and practised. Dhamma of the Lord Buddha can benefit all walks of life and can truly stop Dukkha or the sufferings of mankind.


BodhiGayāVijjālaya 980 Institute, India


“BodhiGayā 980 Club”

“BodhiGayāVijjālaya 980”

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In 2007, on the special occasion of the 80th anniversary of the then His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, King Rama 9 of Thai Chakri Dynasty, the Royal Thai Embassy in New Delhi graciously organised a Royal event of Buddhist Ordination under the Bodhi Tree at the ceremonial marquee at the holy site of the lord Buddha enlightenment and the Thai Monastery in Bodh Gaya

A group of apprentice Monks who have got themselves ordination under the Bodhi Tree, entering themselves into Buddhist monkshood and becoming members of “Bodhi” family, had appreciated the truth of fact that ‘Three Triple Gems’ can be regarded as an embodiment to hold on to if ones want to acquire wisdom of enlightenment. After disrobing and releasing themselves from monkshood, the ‘Bodhi’ group of people had jointly created a club called “BodhiGayā 980 Club” to support the work of protection and promotion of Buddhism

“BodhiGayā 980 Club” has financially supported ‘Phra Dhammaduta’ or the Buddhist Sangha missionary to travel to the Land of the Lord Buddha to cultivate their learning of the Principles of Buddhism under the so-called “Project to Support Thai Buddhist Monks to Learn and Practice the Philosophical Truth of Buddhism at BuddhaBhumi, the Land of the Primary Source of Buddhist Origin”. A couple years later “BodhiGayā 980 Club” was transformed into a ‘BodhiGayāVjjālaya 980’ a charity institute created for the service of education, promotion, and protection of Buddhism. The institute has named Dr.Supachai Verapuchong a Secretary-General

2008 – 2014

Phra DhammaDuta BodhiGayā

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After that, the scope of activities of BodhiGayāVjjālaya 980 has been extended to financially cover Buddhist monks from the countries in Southeast Asia sub-region such as the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Cambodia and Vietnam to receive an opportunity to study and practice Dhamma philosophy in the holy land of the Lord Buddha

Along the way of 6 years after the project was established, around 178 Buddhist prelates or Abbots have participated in this program. They have brought Buddhist knowledges and learning experiences from the Holly Land of the Lord Buddha to the people of their own native domicile.

2013 - 2016

The Conferences on Buddhism that Changes the World.

The conference on Reuniting Suvanabhumi Through Buddhism.

BodhiGayāVjjālaya 980 has continued its supports to create projects related to Buddhism. The Institute has clear objectives, pertaining itself to the motivation of Buddhist followers to continue their good faith and their believe in Buddhist Tree Triple Gems. The Institute has put its high efforts to encourage the learning and the application of Dhamma Buddhist Practices in many different circumstances. Numbers of projects have been created to serve these particular purposes such as

Series of revolving conferences on Dhamma talk have been conducted. Among other, the presumption of “Buddhism that Changes the World: relativity between Buddhism and Societies” was highlighted as the thee of discussions.

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The conference on Reuniting Suvanabhumi Through Buddhism is another project that worths mentioning. This conference was organized to accommodate the leaders of Sangha Buddhists discussion on Buddhist Diplomacy.

On a larger scale, the International Conference on Buddhism that Changes Suvarnabhumi was also organized for in the international Sangha societies. This conference was heavily focused on discussion of Dhamma that harmonizes societies and leads them to the golden land.

The other Conference on Buddhism that Changes Suvarnabhumi organized by BodhiGayāVjjālaya 980 was discussions on procedures to convert problems into Makka or the Nobel Truth of the Path leading to cessation of Dukkha or Sufferings.

2017, 2019

The programs of 5-Nations Dhammayatra

Countries in Southeast Asia, namely Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam, are Buddhist worshipping countries. BodhiGayāVjjālaya 980 has thus originated the project called “A 5-Nations Dhammayatra” under the philosophy of Where Dhamma Leads, Peace will prevail for the peacefulness of mankind. The programs of 5-Nations Dhammayatra have been successfully completed twice. The first Dhammayatra was conducted in 2017 under notion of 5-Nations Dhammayatra: follow the path of Noble Sangha of Mekong Basin.

The first Dhammayatra has been successfully carried out. It was recorded in the history of Southeast Asian region that the success was made by joint efforts and supports of the Supreme Sangha and the Leaders of the 5 countries.

The second Dhammayatra was conducted in 2019, two years later, under the notion of 5-Nations Dhammayatra: Buddhist Diplomacy for the Global Peace and Stability.

“Dhamma Wheels” of the second Dhammayatra has marked a new history of mankind. It was the history in which Dharma of the Lord Buddha has brought about the unity to the peoples of Southeast Asia regardless of who they are, or where they are from. The second Dhammayatra has received valuable supports from the leaders of the Supreme Sangha, the leaders of the countries, the local administrations, Government officers, private sectors and the peoples of the 5 nations of Mekong Basin

Myanmar Government has assigned Minister of Ethnicity and Buddhism Affairs and the leader of Shan State to represent the Government of Myanmar and to participate in all activities conducted on the ground with the supports of the President of the Federation of Myanmar Theravada Buddhists.

The President of Lao’s Supreme Sangha and the President of Lao Front for National Construction have rendered strong supports to the second Dhammayatra. They organized Buddhist activities along the course of Dhammayatra conducted on the ground in both Lung Prabang and Vientiane. Like never before, the country has witnessed the congregation of several thousands of Laotian Buddhists jointly participated in a special activity of alms offering.

It was a spectacular event in Vietnam when the leaders of the Government and the leaders of Buddhist Supreme Sangha have extended their full supports to Buddhist activities conducted by BodhiGayāVjjālaya 980

It was the first time around in the history of Cambodia that the Government, by the order of the Prime Minister, has given a permission to a foreign entity such as

BodhiGayāVjjālaya 980 to organize a closing ceremony of the second 5-Nations Dhammayatra on the ground of the World Heritage Site Angkor Wat.

BodhiGayāVjjālaya 980 has received a gracious opportunity to have an audience with the Supreme Patriarch of the Kingdom of Thailand to offer a full report on the success of the two Dhammayatra projects. The Institute has also taken this opportunity to give its firm commitment to continue the third Dhammayatra in due course.

Verapuchong Foundation

Verapuchong Foundation is the organization that has provided full supports to BodhiGayāVjjālaya 980. The specific area of their keen interest is Buddhist studies and practices for Buddhist Sangha. The obvious reflection to reaffirm the foundation’s commitment in this matter is the establishment of Verapuchong Meditation Hall at the Thai Monastery in Bodh Gaya.

The building of Verapuchong Meditation Hall was part of the renovation project at the Thai Monastery in Bodh Gaya which was approved by the Government of Thailand. Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn has graciously proceeded to the construction site and has anointed the Golden Plate inscription the establishment of the Hall.

On this very prestigious occasion, Pra Dharmbodivong, director of the course, the Head of the Thai Buddhist Sangha missionary in India and Napal, the Chief Abbot of the Thai Monastery in Bodh Gaya together with Dr. Supachai Verapuchong, the Secretary-General of BodhiGayāVjjālaya 980 have received an opportunity to offer a full report briefing on the latest development of the project to Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn. 

2019 – Present

The research study on “the Influence of people’s believe in Naga legend in relationship with Buddhism within Mekong Basin”

BodhiGayāVjjālaya 980 has also supported the research study on “the Influence of people’s believe in Naga legend in relationship with Buddhism within Mekong Besin”. The study has been carried out by the research team from Fac ulty of Buddhist Science at Ma ha-Chulalongkorn-Rajavidyalaya University.

With the particular purpose, the founding in this research will be used to register the inheritances of Local Knowledge Wisdoms and the Value of Ancient Cultures of Mekong Basin with UNESCO and claim them the World Heritage of Mankind. The registration will highlight the benefits of a joint sharing of historical values in the countries of Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and Vietnam.


BodhiGayānāgādhipati Award.

BodhiGayāVjjālaya 980 has extended the knowledge of research study into a tangible outcome with a program of “BodhiGayānāgādhipati Award”. It was the first of its kind award to which honouring individual, a group of individuals and organization who devote themselves to the work of support, promote, and protect the value of Buddhism.

The first BodhiGayānāgādhipati Award ceremony was organized in Mukdaharn, a Northeastern province of Thailand. The awards were conferred to the awardees on the riverbank of Mekong, the international watercourse essential to the people in Southeast Asia.

Buddhopanāyikasartra Programme

Within 2023, BodhiGayāVjjālaya 980, in concurrence with other Buddhist Organizations such as “the World Fellowship of Buddhists” and “Young Buddhists Association of Thailand”, has for the last 6 months been working on the institutionalisation of a Buddhist course called “Buddho Panayikasart”, best be paraphrased to “the Leadership in Which Principles of Buddhist Ways Are Being Upheld”. The purpose of the course is aiming at mentoring young leaders of the societies, the Government, political parties, bureaucracies and entrepreneurial personals to improve their mindsets towards the ideal societies where morals, ethics and righteousness are put insight.

By upholding the Buddhist Ways, BodhiGayāVjjālaya 980 is of a firm believe that attendees will receive Buddha’s blessing to materializing their Buddhist learning. They will improve their own ways of lives and finally join hands together to move the “Wheels of Dharma” and lead society into a correct path of righteousness for the betterment of the entire humanity.